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Koyo product interchange

Most manufacturers use the DB, DF, DT and DU suffix for the bearing arrangement. Light, medium and heavy preload designations will very by manufacturer. The most commonly used are L, M or H following the bearing arrangement. Ie, DUL, DFM, DBH.
The letter (p) designates a Prefix, found before the bearing size.
The letter (s) designates a Suffix, found after the bearing size.

For Example:
Timken – 3MM9306 WI CR DUL equals Barden – 1906 HE DUL equals SNFA – SEB 30 7 CE 3 DUL equals GMN S61906 ETA A7 DUL equals Koyo – 7906 AC GLX2 FGP4 (30mm ID, 25° angle, phenolic retainer, Abec7, duplex pair, universally ground, light preload)

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Precision RPM is not responsible for manufacturer changes on bearing nomenclature. We reserve the right to make changes at any time.

Interchange Table


KoyoFAGSNFAGMNBardenTimken (Torrington)
7000B7000EX 10S60001009100
7200B7200E 200S6200200200
7900B71900SEB 10S6190019009300
Ceramic Ball3NC (p)HC (p)NS/ (s)HY (p)C (p)C (p)
Small BallACH (p)HS (p)VEX (p)KH (p)—-—-
Angular7000 (p)B7 (p)E/EX/SEB(p)S (p)H (s)WI/WO/WN (s)
15° AngleC (s)C (s)1 (s)C (s)C (s)2 (p)
25° AngleAC(s)E (s)3 (s)E (s)E (s)3 (p)
Abec 7P4 (s)P4S (s)7 (s)A7/P4 (s)—-MM (p)
Non-Metal CageFT (s)T (s)CE (s)TA/TB (s)—-CR (s)
Duplex PairsD(s)D(s)D(s)D(s)D(s)D(s)