I was not able to make it to the show this year and was instead putting tape on the windows (yes I know it doesn’t really work, but it makes us feel better) and moving inventory off low shelves to high shelves in preparation for Hurricane IKE. It was an nerve-racking experience going through the storm but we all made it though without damage to either home or heart. Kathy, Not everyone in Houston was as fortunate as us and we feel very grateful for being spared. During all this, Kathy along with good friends from Koyo and Gamet were working the IMTS show and hospitality condo in Chicago. Everyone on the team worked very hard all week long and the show went off successfully except we forgot to bring our promotional magnets to the show. So if you would like to have a Precision RPM magnet for the show please give Kathy a ring. I am sure we will have plenty for a long time. Doug Wheeler